What Happens if My Veneer Pops Off?

Find out what to do if your veneer becomes damaged.

cosmetic-dentistryYou finally decided that dental veneers could give you the smile you deserve. Now you can easily hide stains, chips and other problems with these beautiful, tooth-colored shells that are designed to hide flaws and give you the healthier-looking smile you want. So how do you care for your new veneers and what problems require seeing your Sioux Falls dentists Dr. Nichole Cauwels and Dr. Kendra Zuercher for care?

What are the most common veneer-related emergencies?

Your Sioux Falls cosmetic dentist has seen it all. You may do your best to try and protect your veneers but accidents will happen. The most common issues include fractures (e.g. chipping, breaking or cracking) and debonding (where the veneer actually falls off).

So if you notice that something about a veneer seems off or different then it might be time to come into our office for care.

What will you do if my veneer comes off?

If your veneer falls off intact bring it with you to your visit. If nothing is wrong with the veneer we can reattach it. If a rather large piece has come off we may be able to reattach it to the rest of the veneer. But a veneer that is broken in several pieces will need to be replaced.

What can I do to protect the broken veneer?

You’ll want to handle this as carefully as you would a real tooth. If the veneer is fully intact wrap it in toilet paper or a paper towel and then place it into a hard container where it will be safe. A pill bottle or contact lense works well.

If it’s broken you may want to bring in the pieces to show us but more than likely we will need to replace the whole veneer. A new custom veneer will need to be made. In the meantime you may opt for a temporary veneer or leave the tooth uncovered until your new veneer is ready for bonding.

If you have any questions or concerns about your veneers then it’s time you called Designer Dentistry & Smiles. Our Sioux Falls Dental Office is here to offer a comprehensive array of cosmetic and general dentistry services. Call us today!