Veneers are one of Dr Nichole’s favorite procedures. Veneers allow for the most beautiful, strong and long lasting smile makeovers. Think of veneers like bonding upgraded. Everyone knows someone with veneers you just might not realize it. Veneers just look like gorgeous teeth. Many of Hollywood’s finest needed the help of veneers to get their smiles ready for the big screen. A veneer is somewhat like the perfect marriage of a crown and bonding.

Veneers are made from porcelain just like crowns but are thin and are only placed on the front of tooth like a facing. Veneer can be done with little tooth preparation and no anesthetic if the goal is to close gaps or add length. When significant color change is needed or rotations need to be corrected then some tooth preparation will be needed in order to achieve an esthetic result.

Veneers are made in a dental lab where artists spend days shaping, sculpting and coloring the contact lens thin porcelain facings to give them the ultimate lifelike effects and contours. Because of the time needed to fabricate the veneers a second visit is required for the delivery of the veneers. The thin shell is bonded onto the front of the teeth and set into place with a curing light.

Once bonded on the veneers can be used for talking, eating and smiling right away because the preparation is so conservative there is rarely any sensitivity afterwards. Since the porcelain is able to be fired and glazed in an oven prior to placement they are very shiny and resist staining which allows them to maintain their beauty for about twice as long as bonding. Most veneers will last 20 years before needing to be redone.

Veneers allow for very dramatic smile changes or more subtle changes, it’s really up to the patient and what they desire. When thinking of veneers you should think of Designer Dentistry & Smiles – it’s what we do.

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Sydney Evans
Sydney Evans
Caring, compassionate dentistry. I am confident that Designer Dentistry and Smiles is always aware of and involved in the newest dental advancements — every time I visit it seems like they have a new machine, technique, or treatment option for their patients. Their space is relaxing and the massage chairs help ease visit tension and anxiety. I can trust that DDS has the best possible machinery, tools, advice, and treatments for my dental concerns.
Jan 27, 2022
Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell
What a great experience on 41st st! I had to bring my little boy with me while I got my teeth cleaned and the DDS team welcomed him with smiles and entertained him during my appointment. My hygienist was so knowledgeable, patient, gentle and kind. 10/10 recommend to family and friends!
Feb 23, 2022
Abbie Hotz
Abbie Hotz
Everyone was so friendly! JoAnn was so kind and actually took the time to explain everything to me. And I’ve never had a dentist spend so much time talking with me about my concerns.
Apr 25, 2022
Gracie Rozeboom
Gracie Rozeboom
Dr. Z does incredible work. I came in as a new patient today to fix a chipped tooth. Dr. Z exceeded my expectations and gave me my beautiful smile back. Now I can’t stop smiling! 😁The staff is great and they care about you!
Feb 28, 2022
Teri Everson
Teri Everson
I have been going to designer dentistry for about five years and have had nothing but great experiences there. I will be losing my dental insurance at the end of the month and I was in today for a cleaning. They found some thing that needed to be fixed and rather than make an appointment after my insurance was gone they fit me in the same day. They are also pain-free. Would highly recommend them to everyone.
Mar 17, 2022

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