Cosmetic Dentures & Partials

Not all dentures are created equal. All too often denture wearers look like they are wearing plastic teeth or worse yet just don’t wear their dentures due to fit, function and aesthetics.
We can help. Our cosmetic dentures are made with a clear roof of the mouth that makes the upper denture virtually disappear. When you laugh, yawn or open wide your grand-kids will never even see the denture plate. We do not work with a big warehouse type lab that ship the cases to China or Mexico. Instead our lab is a small high quality lab located right here in the Midwest. They take their time with each case to customize the artistry that makes them look more lifelike.
Dislodging or losing suction is a real concern for denture wearers. An uneven bite can put a rocking type force on the denture causing it to move, shift and break it’s seal. That is why we use a specialized technique to get a balanced bite preventing those tipping forces.
Over time, as the bone reabsorbs the fit of the denture will loosen. We can correct this by relining the denture using a walking impression technique. The walking impression allows for you to try out the reline before it’s processed. The real advantage is that you will function with your denture by eating, talking, singing while the impression is still molding to your unique mouth shape. This will increase the suction fit and reduce the amount of sore spots that normally develop after a typical reline procedure.
Our Visiclear partials are lighter and even more invisible than any partial previously available. Call to schedule a consultation if you are ready to regain your confidence and comfortably wear your false teeth again.

What Our Patients Are Saying

My daughter LOVES Dr. Cauwels. Their amazing staff never fails to make each experience a great one! Couldn’t imagine bringing her anywhere else