Bonding is Dr Z’s absolute favorite dental procedure. She loves it because of the instant transformation it makes to a person’s smile. Once bonding is completed our patients can not help but to smile bigger, brighter and more often. Bonding is done to correct shape, size and sometimes color of teeth. It can often be done without the need for anesthetic. The bonding material itself is actually a resin just like the composite resin we use for any tooth colored filling. The only real difference is that bonding is an additive technique done primarily for cosmetic purposes. It’s best use is to repair a broken or chipped tooth or to close a gap between teeth.


Decades ago the resin material wasn’t as polish-able or color stable as our materials are today. With today’s material we can easily fool anyone into believing that the bonding is just naturally part of your teeth and smile. Unfortunately even with great technique and materials bonding will not last forever. Eventually it will chip, wear down or pick up stain requiring it to be touched up or replaced typically every 7-10 years. Both of our doctors have received advanced training in bonding techniques and have transformed hundreds of smiles through bonding and shaping.


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