Crowns & Bridges

Everything You Should Know About Dental Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges represent dentistry’s perfect union of art and science, substituting or restoring your injured or missing teeth with a prosthetic resolution that’s as attractive as it is functional. 

What Is A Crown?

A crown is a prosthetic tooth cap that’s forever bonded to a preexisting root structure, like a dental implant or your natural tooth root. Once in position, a crown feels and works just like a natural tooth

Why Would I Need A Crown?

Crowns have several roles, like:

  • Repairing a severely injured or worn tooth
  • Replacing a discolored, distorted, or unattractive tooth
  • Protecting a compromised tooth from additional harm

Crowns are also used with dental implants to replace teeth that are missing completely and often put on a tooth following root canal treatment.

What Is A Bridge?

A bridge is a set oral device that replaces a lost tooth. It’s made of an artificial tooth, that’s preserved in place on each side by crowns. The crowns get attached to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth, creating a bridge in between your teeth effectively. 

Why Should I Get A Bridge?

Bridges fill in the gaps where you’re missing teeth, which can:

  • Enhance the look of your smile
  • Make it more comfortable to speak and eat properly
  • Contain your teeth from slipping out of alignment
  • More evenly distribute your bite

A bridge also contains your facial muscles from wasting away and sagging around your lost tooth, effectively preserving the shape of your face.

What Is The Process Of Getting A Crowns & Bridges?

First, abutment teeth get designed by shaving off the enamel. If you’re acquiring a crown, we prepare the tooth which is going to get the crown. If you’re getting a bridge, we prepare the teeth on each side of your lost tooth.

Then, he takes an impression of your smile with dental putty or CBCT technology. We use state-of-the-art technology for a crown implant, so if you’re getting a crown, our dentists use that impression to mill your restoration on-site while you wait. Once your crown is ready, they check the fit and bite and, in the end, seal it to your set tooth.

If you’re getting a crown & bridge, our expert dentists send your tooth impression to a lab for fabrication. You wear a temporary bridge for a brief while you wait for your permanent one to come back from the lab, at which point you come back to our dental office in Sioux Falls to have it forever sealed in place.

Affordable Dental Crowns & Bridges In Sioux Falls

If you have a tooth that got damaged by decay or an oral injury, a dental crown can repair and save its structure. Two or more dental crowns form a dental bridge. These replace one or more lost teeth. Together, crowns & bridges are effective universal options for patients looking to correct a broad spectrum of issues.

If you’re worried about your crown or bridge, ask expert dentists in Sioux Falls about crown & bridgework by visiting our dental office. We offer a wide range of dental services at our dental office in Sioux Falls. Contact us to make an appointment online today.