Do I need a crown?

The answer is yes . . .and no. Lets face it we don’t even NEED teeth at all. Many people live long productive lives with out teeth but, most of us want to keep our smile. A crown is recommended by your dentist because there has been so much damage to your tooth from things like decay, acid, abrasive tooth paste and fractures that your tooth will not continue to withstand the extreme force that your jaws subject them to. As dentists we don’t know when it’s going to happen we just now that its likely you take a bite into something relatively soft like a sandwich and whamo a whole section of your tooth snaps off. If the break is above the jaw bone and not too close to the nerve then great. . .now you just need a crown. But if that fracture goes vertical on you there is no fixing it. If it damages the nerve you have to get a root canal AND a crown. If the fracture is just at the bone level then you can keep your tooth with surgery AND a crown. In every scenario it turns out you still need a crown. So save yourself the the emergency and added procedures and the next time your dentist says “You need a crown” just smile and say “I know right?”

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