Dental Injury

Oh no my child fell and knocked a tooth out!  Would you know what to do if your child knocked a tooth out?

dental-injuryIf you can find the tooth it’s best to put it right back in. If the tooth is covered in dirt very gently rinse it off first. The sooner you can put the tooth back in the better chance you have of saving it. Also having the tooth back in place will help stop any bleeding. It’s important to keep the cells on the roots surface alive. If you can’t re implant the tooth the next best thing is to keep the tooth wet with saliva. Milk or save-a-tooth solution are a next best alternative. The bleeding will stop usually on its own or it can be aided by having the child bite on a Lipton tea bag. Once a blood clot has formed in the socket it will be very difficult even for a dentist to get the tooth back in place. There are only two ways to put the tooth in the right way and 180 degrees rotated. If you’re not sure which way is correct have someone google pictures of teeth to help you match it up. There is a very high chance that the tooth will die and further dental work will be needed but it is still best to try and get the tooth back in place with in 15-20 minutes.

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