Mercury-Free Dentistry

What Are The Benefits Of Mercury-Free Dentistry

7 Benefits of Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercury-free dentistry is a possible choice for those concerned about amalgam in dental fillings. Nowadays, amalgam gets used less frequently than it once was in the past & is still a standard material used to fill dental cavities. Amalgam consists of a variety of metals that contain mercury. Mercury gets used because it makes the mixture easy to use and press into the tooth while still getting hardened quickly. However, some people have problems regarding mercury’s impact on their health.

Benefits of Choosing Mercury-Free Dentistry.

If you are concerned about your health, mercury-free dentistry may be the best choice for you. Here are the seven benefits of choosing mercury-free dentistry.

Safer for Dentists & Patients

Amalgam exposes dental experts to mercury in the workplace. Mercury exposure can cause some neurological and health issues. A person’s signs rely a great deal on the span of exposure, age, and overall health. Most importantly, the biggest factor is the amount of mercury they encounter. A mercury-free dental facility makes a healthy working environment and causes no harm to medical professionals.

Better for Pregnant Women

It is common that what an expecting mom eats or drinks can impact the baby. Encounter with chemicals can also affect the child. Fillings with mercury can risk a growing infant. Even after accounting for other unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking, a link between mercury fillings and infant death stayed.

Healthier Option

Mercury is toxic. Using it in fillings is a dangerous approach that should end. This can have negative effects on the immune, urinary, cardiac, respiratory, and digestive systems.

Mercury can evaporate at room temperature and is odorless, tasteless, and uncolored. It leaves the patient and dentist clueless that it is being absorbed straight into the bloodstream.

Gives you a More Natural Smile

If you hold a metal crown or filling, it will be evident when you smile or talk with others. With mercury-free options, you can fill a cavity or preserve a broken tooth with a restoration that mixes in with your smile. 

Better for the Environment

Mercury can find its way into the water system smoothly. After a day of operating with amalgam, a dental office may unknowingly send mercury out with the water exiting the office. It then contaminates the environment, polluting public water sources. Removing it from dental practices is one step nearer to a healthier world.

A Safe Method

Proof suggests that mercury exposure can cause seizures, allergies, and multiple sclerosis. It only takes seven fillings to achieve a harmful mercury level in your mouth.

More Stronger Options

Mixed dental fillings give tremendous flexibility because they imitate the natural tooth. It helps to support a damaged tooth. Amalgam fillings may break or shrink after a few years of use & not only this can damage the tooth, but it can also let bacteria enter the cavity.

Mercury-Free Dentistry In Sioux Falls

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