Does your fitbit app look like this?

Keeping our bodies moving and exercising is important. As is what we eat. Most of us are looking for ways to be more fit and healthy and this current craze of Garmin’s, Leafs, jawbones and fitbits are doing just that.

They are a constant reminder to move our bodies and wrack up steps for the day. Calories in and calories out are very important for losing or maintaining a healthy weight.

Something the fitness gurus know that maybe you don’t is that proper sleep is just as important. So much so that many of the manufacturer s of these new devices have built in sleep monitors. Another great app out there for monitoring sleep is called snore lab. It’s available on iPhone and Android devices.

If any of these apps are showing that you are frequently restless or snoring you want to consider having a sleep test done. Poor sleep quality causes difficulty losing weight and increases your risk of injury due to an accident by 700%. If you’re thinking of putting it off for fear of trying to sleep in a lab with wires and people watching you look for a provider who offers home sleep tests. Some people don’t want to find out they have a problem because they don’t want to be prescribed a CPap machine but dentists are able to make oral appliances or perform laser procedures to reduce snoring and make your airway more resistant to collapsing shut. Do yourself a favor, if your Fitbit app looks like this have a sleep study.

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