Dental Health on Road Trips

Whatever is on the summer agenda, from camping to swimming at the beach, traveling with friends and exploring new places, it’s important to keep your dental health in mind. Here’s what you should know about taking care of your dental health on road trips so you are prepared when you hit the road.

Toothbrushes for Everyone!

Brushing your teeth is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth so it’s important to make sure that everyone packs their toothbrush when they travel. It can be easy to forget since it’s often the last thing to pack because you’ll need to use it first thing in the morning before you leave. It’s always a great idea to bring a few extra new toothbrushes on trips just in case anybody forgets theirs. Caring for your dental health on road trips is easy but only if you have the tools to do it!

Chapstick with Sunscreen

It may not seem to fit with caring for your teeth, but using chapstick with sunscreen can also be an important step to caring for your dental health on road trips. That’s because a sunburn can make it uncomfortable to care for your teeth after a long day of swimming or lounging in the sun. Apply chapstick with at least SPF 15 every 2 hours while you’re outside in the sun, more often if you’re swimming or very active and sweating a lot.

Temporary Hacks for the Road

Sometimes it’s hard to stop the fun and remember to run inside to brush your teeth as frequently as you do at home, and it can be easy to let things slide because it’s vacation, so it may be helpful to have some simple hacks up your sleeve for those times when a temporary solution is better than none at all. If you may not have time to brush or floss your teeth on your normal schedule, such as after a meal, you can carry a small travel-sized bottle of mouthwash in your shoulder bag or backpack for a quick antiseptic rinse to help wash away food debris and fight bacteria. If you didn’t pack mouthwash, it’s always better than nothing to do a quick swish with a glass of water. Dental picks are also helpful to carry in your bag for those times when a piece of food becomes stuck between your teeth and it’s difficult to use a whole strand of floss.

Snacking on the Road

When you’re choosing snacks, foods like apples, pears, celery, carrots and strawberries are all great choices because not only are they healthy for you, but they have earned the nickname “nature’s toothbrushes” for their ability to help clean your teeth when you eat them whole. If you have braces or other dental appliances, make sure to check with your orthodontist before eating whole crunchy fruits or veggies, though.

In Case of Emergency

When you’re traveling, things often happen spontaneously — including mishaps and illness, unfortunately. If you or someone you’re traveling with experiences a sudden or severe toothache or a dental trauma like a broken or chipped tooth, it’s important to have your dentist’s number on hand to call and ask for advice on what to do in order to get treatment as soon as possible. This will ensure the best possible outcome. Don’t delay caring for your dental health on road trips until you get home. The road trip is fleeting, but your smile will last for your lifetime, so take good care of it!

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