Dental Implants

Are You A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

Do you have missing teeth? Dental implants are one of the best tooth replacement options due to their innovative technology and design. However, not everyone is a candidate for dental implants. The best way to decide if dental implants are the best option for your dental issue you can consult a good restorative dentist to get your dental implants in Sioux Falls, SD. Moreover, the following factors will determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Enough Bone

If you consider getting implants, you must have enough bone to support your implant. Moreover, a visit to the dentist in Sioux Falls, SD, will take an x-ray to ensure you have enough bone. However, even if you don’t have enough bone, you can opt for a bone grafting procedure that will support your implants. Dental implants can prevent bone loss caused due to missing teeth.

Good bone density is essential to ensure dental implants. If you have a missing tooth, you might face up to 20% bone loss within the first year. If left untreated, within three years, there will be up to a 60 % reduction in bone width. However, you can restore your bone structure with the bone grafting procedure. If you get dental implants in Sioux Falls, SD, it can preserve your facial structure.

Gum Disease:

If you face gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, it can cause gum recession and harm your bone tissues which will deteriorate. An ideal candidate shouldn’t have active periodontal disease and should maintain good oral hygiene. Gum diseases can cause infections and issues with dental implant placement. Without enough healthy bone tissues to support your dental implant, there’s a high risk for implant failure. Therefore before getting your dental implants, you can get a deep cleaning, and you will be able to qualify for dental implants.

Severe Bruxism:

If you grind or clench your teeth, you may put too much pressure on the implants and end up damaging them. Therefore, people who suffer from bruxism may not be suitable candidates for dental implants. However, you can treat your bruxism with different treatments like a mouthguard, stretching, and relaxation techniques.

Chronic Illness: 

Dental implant surgery is an invasive procedure, and to ensure proper healing and osseointegration, one should be free of disease that could interfere with the healing process. If you suffer from chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, or autoimmune disorders, you are at a higher risk for infection, which can affect your body’s ability to heal. All of this might comprise the success of dental implants. If you have health issues like leukemia, bone cancer, thyroid issues, or if you are undergoing radiation therapy, it can cause harm to your dental implants. Therefore, it is important to consult a good dentist and be open about your health condition to ensure a successful implant procedure. This will help the dentist in Sioux Falls, SD, to recommend the best treatment for your unique dental issues.


As dental implants are a surgical procedure, smokers are at a higher risk for an infection after the surgery. Avoid smoking for as long as possible to ensure healing and early osseointegration. Try to quit or do not smoke for at least three months after the implants have been placed.


If you take certain medications that suppress the immune system, you may not be good candidates for dental implants. In addition, medications like antidepressants and antibiotics can cause bone loss and delay bone growth, making it harder for your body to incorporate dental implants.

Dental Implants In Sioux Falls, SD

If you are looking for a tooth replacement option, dental implants may be perfect for you. However, to ensure a successful implant placement, you need to consult our dentist in Sioux Falls, SD. At Designer Dentistry & Smiles, our experts will do a thorough examination to make sure dental implants is the right choice for you. Our team will work with you to understand your concerns and create the best treatment plan. Contact us or book an appointment to get the best dental implants in Sioux Falls, SD.