3 Health Benefits of Mercury-Free Dentistry

Many dentists need to exercise caution throughout the process leading to an abundance of mercury-free dentists around the nation. A mercury-free dentist, usually a holistic dentist, is aware of mercury, which can affect your general health. They concentrate on patient education and work to remove mercury dental fillings in Sioux Falls safely.

Here we will discuss mercury treatment and three health benefits of mercury-free dentistry.

The Use of Mercury-Free Treatment


Utilizing mercury-free fillings is one of the safest decisions dentists make when treating patients. What exactly is mercury-free dentistry, then? Here we have it.

Amalgam fillings are metal fillings that dentists use to treat tooth decay in mercury-free dentistry. Essentially, molten mercury is applied to the cavity of the decayed tooth. After removing the decay, the dentists replace the hole with an amalgam, silver filling.

Now, the fumes that are emitted during this procedure are hazardous to both the patient and the staff who are present in the treatment room. This is dangerous and may result in a variety of issues with mercury toxicity.

Safe dental procedures: The dentist seeks better, healthier alternatives to silver amalgam fillings, such as composite fillings, while treating tooth decay. The composite filling is not only better for your general health, but it also looks nicer. This lowers the risk of illnesses brought on by mercury toxicity in the body.

Benefits Of Mercury-Free Dentistry


Safe Dental Practice Options For Patients


High amalgam exposure has been linked to neurological issues such as seizures, fibromyalgia, lupus, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Depending on the duration of exposure and the person’s general condition, the symptoms may change. In any case, using amalgam fillings in the workplace increases the danger of mercury exposure for patients and dental professionals.

Dental professionals and patients may unknowingly be taking mercury into their systems because mercury has no taste, smell, or color. The risk of mercury exposure is minimal to nonexistent in a clean working environment that uses mercury-free dentistry. With mercury-free dentists, you can rely on and maintain your oral health with confidence and safety.

More Natural-Looking Restorations For You


A holistic dentist can help you fill a cavity or repair a fractured tooth with a restoration that blends in naturally with your smile and employs mercury-free alternatives. Designer Dentistry & Smiles uses the best, mercury-free, biocompatible materials for tooth restorations. We provide repairs that look natural, last a long time, and are durable.

Better For Pregnant Women & Healthier Option


Any chemical exposure can affect the child. It is well known that the foods and beverages a pregnant woman consumes might impact her unborn child. A developing child may be at risk from mercury fillings. 

Mercury fillings may contribute to perinatal death. A correlation between mercury fillings and child mortality persisted even after taking other risky behaviors like drinking and smoking into account. 

Mercury is poisonous. It’s dangerous to use it as a filler and should stop. The immunological, urinary, cardiac, pulmonary, and digestive systems may all be impacted. It vaporizes and has no flavor, color, or odor. Neither the patient nor the dentist knows that it is entering the bloodstream.

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Your most excellent dental option is Designer Dentistry & Smiles. We make an effort to use the safest products when treating patients. We promote dental fillings in Sioux Falls as part of our offerings. 

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