You’re Missing Teeth–What Can You Do Now?

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them, you have options for replacing them.

No one would call missing teeth a trendy look, but with 178 million Americans missing at least one of their natural teeth, it’s certainly a common occurrence. Replacing a tooth once it’s been lost to decay or damage is imperative to keeping up your appearance and your dental health. At Designer Dentistry and Smiles in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, our dentists – Dr. Nichole Cauwels and Dr. Kendra Zuercher – are well-trained in a variety of tooth replacement options. Learn about those options here:


One of the ways you can replace a missing tooth is with a bridge. These dental restorations fill in gaps with an artificial tooth that is attached to two natural teeth, most often molars (the back teeth used for chewing). Your Sioux Falls dentist places crowns on top of the natural teeth to give them more stability to hold the bridge in place. Once the bridge is finished, you’ll be able to chew more easily and smile with confidence!

Dentures and partials

Dentures are well known for whole-mouth replacement. Porcelain or ceramic teeth are affixed into a plastic base that looks like a person’s natural gums. The apparatus fits over the gum ridges and stays in place with adhesive. Partials are smaller sections of dentures and usually attach to nearby natural teeth with metal clasps. Dentures and partials from your Sioux Falls dentist are a cost-effective option for tooth replacement that makes talking and eating much easier.

Dental implants

Perhaps the most versatile tooth restoration available at your Sioux Falls dentist’s office is the dental implant. Held in place with a post that is surgically placed under the gums, dental implants are the most stable, long-lasting and attractive dental restoration available today. They can replace one or several teeth in the mouth, do not require extra maintenance beyond regular dental hygiene and can last decades with proper care.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these options for missing teeth, give Designer Dentistry and Smiles, Sioux Falls Dental Office a call to set up an appointment. Our Sioux Falls, South Dakota dentists, Dr. Cauwels and Dr. Zuercher, would be glad to discuss them with you in more detail.