What if your scalp bled from brushing your hair?

Most people would become very concerned if their hairbrush was suddenly bloody. They would call their doctor right away. They might even call in sick to work and call close friends or family for advice. This is exactly the reaction people should have if the same thing happened to their toothbrush.

No part of your body should bleed from cleaning or brushing it. (OK maybe your eyes but please tell me you know not to brush your eyes.) If your mouth is healthy it will not bleed when you brush. So if there is bleeding you can be certain there is a problem. Avoiding cleaning the area that bleeds will only make things worse. When the blood vessels in your mouth break open bacteria from your mouth gets into your blood stream and travels to other vital organs causing dangerous inflammation and infection. If this bacteria gets to an artificial joint like a hip or knee it can cause it to fail requiring more painful and expensive surgery. It’s best to be proactive and avoid the gum infection altogether but if it’s too late and your toothbrush is bloody make an appointment with your dentist today.

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